Printable Mazes: 10×10 Square Mazes for Kids: Set #1


Improve critical thinking skills and fine motor skills with our downloadable, printable set of mazes. Suitable for children of all ages and easily uploaded to print-on-demand services.


Introducing our newest product – a set of printable mazes that are perfect for young children and students! These mazes are not only fun and engaging, but they also help develop critical thinking skills and fine motor skills. Our mazes are easy to download and print at home or for your classroom.

Each maze is available in 3 formats – PNG, SVG and PDF – making it easy to print mazes for your students. There is also a set of 3 additional PDFs with all the mazes, all the solutions, and all of the mazes and solutions together. These make great KDP interiors that you can upload and sell through the Amazon KDP program or other print on demand services.