Printable Mazes: 10×10 Square Mazes for Kids: Samples


Free 5 maze sample pack of 10×10 square mazes with solutions. The download contains PNG, SVG and PDF files of each maze.


Our downloadable printable set of mazes is perfect for kids, teachers, and KDP creators! With a variety of challenging layouts and included solutions, these mazes are sure to keep kids entertained and engaged. They’re also great for teachers looking for a fun and educational activity to use in the classroom. And for KDP authors, these mazes can be uploaded directly to Amazon as an interior. Simply download and print to get started today!

Download this free sample set of 5 mazes to get a feel for what’s in our larger sets.  This free download contains 5 unique mazes in 3 different file formats – SVG, PNG and PDF. There are also 3 additional PDF files containing all of the mazes in a single file, all of the solutions in a single file, and a file with all of both.