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Pinterest LogoDepending on your niche Pinterest can be a major source of traffic. But at what cost?

How much time do you spend creating pins after you publish a new blog post?

Do you forget to pin some of your blog posts? Or just think it might not be worth the effort?

Do you schedule posts but forget to come back and create pins?

This might be just the plugin you’re looking for.

With the Pinterest Auto Post WordPress plugin you’ll be able to just write and publish your blog post, and the plugin will take care of everything else.  As soon as you click the Publish button this plugin will connect with Pinterest and create a new pin in the board you specify linking back to your post.

Do you schedule posts? We’ve got you covered there. When your post goes from scheduled to published a pin will be created, but not any earlier. That way you won’t have pins pointing to unavailable posts.

What’s it look like?



Activating the Plugin

After purchase you should receive an email with a link to download the plugin. Once you have the zip file follow the instructions on how to install a WordPress plugin. It’s not difficult, but it may be a little different than you’re used to if you typically install through the plugin browser.

Once you’ve got it uploaded, go ahead and activate.

Pinterest Authorization Token

Because this plugin posts to Pinterest automatically, you will need to create an authorization token. This will let the plugin post to your Pinterest account without you needing to do anything.

You’ll need to head to the Pinterest developer pages and login to your account.  If this is your first time on their developer pages you’ll need to agree to their terms. Be sure to read them, but you will need to agree for this plugin to work.

Pinterest Developers Home Page

Once you’re logged into the Pinterest developers pages, look for the Apps link on the top right of the page.

You’ll need to create an app for this plugin to use to communicate with Pinterest.  Clicking the Apps link will take you to the following page, although yours will probably be empty.

You’re going to want to click on the blue Create App button. This will bring up a form where you’ll give your app a name and a description.

Neither of these are all that critical since it will just be you using the app. But there does have to be something in both fields.

When done, click on the blue Create button.

Then, click on the Tools menu across the top and look for the Token Generator link on the left side of the tools page. That should take you to a page that looks like this.

Pinterest Token Generator Tool

Click the blue Generate Token button. It will pop up and prompt you to give permission to the app you just created to post to Pinterest for you. Once you agree you’ll have your access token.

Back to Settings

Now that you have your Pinterest token head back to your WordPress admin and look for the Pinterest link under Settings. 

Paste the authorization token into the first field and then click Update Settings. This will contact Pinterest and get a list of your boards.

You can then select a default board. This is the board that’s used if you don’t select another when publishing a post.

And you can select which post types you want to pin. This list may be much longer than the two shown here depending on what other plugins you have installed.

Once you’re happy with your settings click Update Settings to save.


Now that you’ve got the plugin uploaded, activated, and setup it’s time to use it.

On the post edit screen you should now find a new meta box with four options.

The first option is whether you want to pin this post. If you have a post that you don’t want to pin, check this box.

Next is which board to post to. This starts with your default board, but you can pick any board you have rights to post in.

Then you have the option of entering a message to go along with the pin. If you leave this empty it will default to the post excerpt.

And last you select the image.The highlighted image is the one that will be used for the pin.

These images come from a few places and will be listed in this order.

  1. Post featured image
  2. Facebook and Twitter images if you have Yoast SEO installed
  3. Images used in the post content
  4. Images attached to the post, but not used in the content

All of these will be listed. You can choose whichever you want.

Pinning the Post

On new posts the pin is only created when the post is actually published. So you’re able to save draft as many times as you want. The pin won’t go out until you click the Publish button.

For scheduled posts the pin is not created until the post switches from scheduled to published. So you’re able to schedule posts for the future and not worry about the pin coming out early.

And if there’s a post that you want to pin from before you started using this plugin, saving it will trigger a pin.


If you’re having trouble with this plugin or just want to ask a question before purchase we have a support forum or contact form available.


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