No Shortcodes Plugin

Do you need to explain how to use a shortcode on your site? Do you want to keep WordPress from parsing that shortcode? This may be just the plugin for you.

What It Does

This plugin came out of the need on another site where I was writing documentation on how to use a shortcode. Problem was that the plugin that added the shortcode was also active on that site. So instead of the shortcode showing, the plugin took over and parsed it. Sure, I could have done the normal technique of putting spaces around the brackets, but that was less than ideal.

How it Works

Let’s say you have a shortcode that normally parses the [my_plugin] shortcode. In your post, just wrap it with the [nosc][/nosc] shortcodes, so you’d type [nosc][my_plugin][/nosc] into your post and the [my_plugin] will show up as actual text in your post.

You can also style using CSS. By default, the inner shortcode is wrapped in a span with a CSS class of nosc. If you’d rather use your own classname you can specify it using the class attribute. For example, if you’d rather use a class named my-class you could do the following.

[nosc class="my-class"][my_plugin][/nosc]

And if you’d rather leave the CSS off entirely just pass an empty string as class and your inner shortcode won’t be wrapped in a span.

[nosc class=""][my_plugin][/nosc]

Got a Demo?

You’re looking at it. All of the shortcodes that you see are wrapped in a [nosc][/nosc] shortcode.


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