Clearfix Shortcode

A tiny plugin that adds a shortcode so that you can break floats in your WordPress posts and pages.


Once you’ve downloaded the zip file for this plugin follow the instructions to upload and activate the clearfix plugin.


This plugin doesn’t have any options. It simply adds a shortcode to WordPress.

To use, type the shortcode [clearfix] into your WordPress post. When displayed, the shortcode will be replaced with a div element that has a clear:both; CSS style property.

You can also use [clearfix left] and [clearfix right] to use clear:left; and clear:right respectively.


If something isn’t working like it should be, please let us know in our support forums.

You can also find this plugin on GitHub.

Without a Plugin?

If you’d rather not download and install a new plugin for something so simple, you can add the following code to your theme functions.php file.  It’ll work exactly the same way.


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